Sunday, February 13, 2011

s t U p i d !

ohhh my god!!
a few minutes later, i has wrote my new updates blog
but..ohh no!
suddenly i was push the crazy button in the keyboards!
fucks the thing!
i have so many things thats i have tell,
and i was missing..


my heart push me to push the words on the keyboars to write again..
 an hour later..
i have open my blog friends..
budak kecik`s blog..
 and iu see new improvement in her bloh..hahaha
ok la...
i  read and read..
and i see her writting..about her love!
a few sad cames..
because she..(cannot tell)
but she was strong and have many friends thats love her!
she tell me what hapenns and (cannot tell)
that was a few writting that i  have wite again!
my mood to write long long was missing ..huhu..

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