Tuesday, August 30, 2011


like this la when we ber baraan one village,..
we strart at 10 o`clock.
and the baraan finished at 2.30 phm !!
i`m so tired  know that!!
even datang makan je pown..
i feel tertidur td kat house jiran..
that time was at 2 and more... o`clock.
in 3o and more house , 
 i just get rm 12$!!
hahahaha,.. i tink that i just get 2 3 $$
lastly...i get more.. than ok lh,..

house depan my house..

this my house!!

my house.
in the baraan,
 2 ekor cows was terlepas,
we do not know were it came from..
mty frieds takot takot kat lembu tu include me :)
best la. when scared te cows.
i have record a video but cannot upload la..
see at my facebbok la ok.


just that i know to say.
hihihi XD

everyone going back to their kampung,
but me???
i`m already stay in kampung.
so,.. when all of them ask ..
wher is your kampung?
i say , my kampung sebelah umah jer :P
thats the truth !!

about my new baju raya.
 i just already baju raya in 2 motnh ago.
i always wear this baju raya.
so, for me this baju raya is biase jer :)

i just holiday for i week only,
 i back here 3 days before raya.
so, i don`t puas want to open bernuke im ny house lg,,

Saturday, August 27, 2011

happy :D

now muhammad faiz was in his house :)
he is so happy,..because at the poly ungku  omar he has tension his mental..so he want back home//like now:D
last month wen faiz living his village the padi field was menggreen lagi,
like this the colour of the paddy, green green jer,..
but now the paddy is like this pula,

dah clean tge paddy mins dah dituai lh:)
 yeterday i reach my home at 4 o`clock,.. my old skul friend take me at the bus station miss him jugak lah.
(putera muhd. adam ) thanks a lot bcouse take me:")

world!! do u now that now i like to hear the  ungu band song.
the tittle is PERCAYE PADAKU.
fitrah nur hidayah bt. ............ that give me the song.:)
thanks ok ^^v

Ungu Percaya Padaku 
aku tak tahu apa yang ku rasakan
dalam hatiku saat pertama kali
lihat dirimu, melihatmu
*courtesy of LirikLaguIndonesia.net
seluruh tubuhku terpaku dan membisu
detak jantungku berdebar tak menentu
sepertinya aku tak ingin berlalu
berikan cintamu juga sayangmu
percaya padaku ku kan menjagamu
hingga waktu menjemputku
ku berikan cintaku juga sayangku
percaya padaku ku kan menjagamu
hingga waktu menjemputku
saat ku tahu kau akan pergi jauh
izinkan aku tuk selalu menantimu
untuk katakan ku ingin dirimu (ingin dirimu)
agar kau tahu betapa ku terlalu
mencintaimu aku akan menunggu
hingga dirimu kembali untukku
repeat reff
tolonglah aku bagaimana diriku
ungkapkan itu rasa yang membelenggu
dalam hatiku ku cinta padamu
repeat reff
berikan cintamu juga sayangmu
percaya padaku ku kan menjagamu
hingga waktu menjemputku

before this, she telah give me another song, so i ask her y u give me the songs?
she said ~sajer jer~ uhhh,.. truely?
i cannot belice that,/=,=?
becouse ,........... it must hve a reason rait???!!

this song ungu percaye padaku, i tink that i do not want ta ask her y give me this song la..
world! u now,. went i want to live her ,..( time tu dia dgn kawan2 dia th lepak kat kafe)
i look that she like majuk with me becouse i leave cepat sgt,.. right wht her friens says, ~dia x puas lagi nak lpaskan rindu dekt ko~
i feel serba salah la that time..
but ti next time we lepak together ee???
u can tell me story story that uwant tell me ok.")

she yg draw for me:)
nice but i tinhk if i do  a little more.. i tink more gempk kot..\heheh
becouse i now how to draw grafifit :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

tajuk: tiada tajuk.

 i have one simple story lorhHH..
about a girl,..
can ?
can ?

up there!!!
this fon belongs to my girl friend.
not a girlfriend! but girl friend laa,.
she is my only  "her" in this campus for this time,..
last week, she take my picture,.. she says she can give her pictuer after i blutut her picture.
but, when we finished blutut, she says what picture??? she show me her pic,..but i want to take a foto using my fon.
unfortunally,she mad at me becuase i take her pic,..and then she was blah terus cmtu jer,..
and from that moment i will not take her foto using my fon ;x ..
this pic of fon i take last ningt 17.8.2010.
maybe at 820 o`clock
she says her stomach was sakit, how can i help her?
i ask her to eat rice, because i  know that she always open his bukak pose with a bread !! hoh0hoh0h..
i feel simpati to her.i just can make her smile is good for her to forget about his stomach lorhhHh...

what can i say is,
he gave me a lot of biscuits !!

wow!! thanks a lot to her becouse give me this :D
i can save my money now.
my money is x ramai dah,..
so this biscuits is my sahur ,.
not as my makanan berbuka taw!!
by the way,.. she is a nice girl and short girl..huhohhoh..
even she is not get a lot of calcium, she don`t want anybody call her "kecik"
she dosen`t ike it!! she says laa..not me ok..??!
she says that "aku dah besar laaaa!!"