Friday, November 25, 2011

terima kasih:)

here, . i want to say abseluteli MUHAMMAD FAIZ bekose yu had hard wek to mengedit yur belog
he don not heb time to rite long long bekose he had werk tu du :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

saya dan rumah

good morning world now i berada at home happy crazy so much becouse at poli ipoh my head was like a dush dushh adoit penin penink  lalat becoause week of exam o my god now i can release my tension at home see my friends seatseat with them oh haapy crazy !!! i think want to work for few dats but when i see the conditon omg i think nanti la..hohohhho best!!!!

now i want to talk about a girl aceli i always remmber what she says http://www.emocutez.comshe say she do not want a man that yg berjauhan with her. ohh... ireealy know what she want to say...huhuhhhu,,,
mood: be strong