Saturday, October 8, 2011


gudmownink the duniahttp://www.emocutez.comtenang so this mownink Oooo..

ermm what i want to type e?
aceli i feel bersalah la at the girl..
of kose la becoze dah terinjurt kan her arm.
tp who gatal sangat to watch the pic to other????
kan dah kene!!
hey..that ningt she ask me if me sayang dia please take the fon from amy..!!
but.. did not do the perbuatan tu,
easy jer she say that i d not sayang her..
what can i do e?
stop talking and just watching

semalam..(yesterdei) i go see the lectrure
macm x caye la ...khekhekhekh
of kose la,.. abot de elekterik,..
mcm student u kowt aq nie
bru terasa i want study stadi and stadila,...
final exam is coming..
so.. want tu prepare earlyla..
i x nk cariyng paper la!!!
nanti naik kapal lambat...
hbes sem pown late lol.

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