Thursday, October 6, 2011

Suddenly I don`t know why I remember to my exswithat. Sometimes when I saw a girl which not have enough inchi, cute,­­­­­­---> that times also I remember her _____. I miss her!!
I know that my ego is tu high. But it was for yor kebaikan tu. Her I found a girl that sometimes she remember me to the u.
When I think back with our kenangan dulu,.. I miss that momen. I remember time we at the stages after u finished kawad, u touch my faces ;). I miss that.
Now, I sit in my room alone. My roommates was going out with his friends. Fitrah nur hidayah also joint them with her friens. Fatin and teha kowt.
Emy invite me to joint them, but I do not know y I don’t follow them. Mengejut,, memg x an ikowt la,,,
I hopes that fie don’t mad o majuk at me bekose x ikot them. A few minutes later, she call me. J
She asked what am I doing rght now, if I say I was study.. she will switch off the line. So  I jus kate yg bukkak buku jer>
  I hear that she okay and all of them are happy ;)
So, I don’t risau if si fie tu mad at me.
Suddenly, I teringt my kate2, if we have jodoh an.. I will accept it. I say to my exswithat.
Tomorrow pmr was mula.. I hopes my friends yg kat kg tu gudluck. I know the are not pandai mcm student lain.. tp..buat jela..asal korang x gagal dahla..
Spm lak lg 40 day jer left. How are them right now a?
Like we ke mcm dulu??
 Beberapa days nie ,.. I always remember myself why I came here.. I came here to study and I do not kecewa an my parents.. onetime ti.. I want back with kejayaan!! And $$$$$$ ..

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