Sunday, September 18, 2011

bintang itu mcm cipmore.

tadi aq bukak PICASA.
first sekali aq nampak ader picture kaw.
biler aq selak aq nampak kaw ngan sorng mamat nie..dia tgh bg kaw minum.
: /
cakap pown x guna an.. nasib baik la kite nie kawan je kan
: )

tiap kali kaw merajuk dgn aq mesti kaw g blok fatin an?
tapi tiap kali aq merajuk dgn kaw, saper aq nak cri?
xder kowt kaw tau..
law aq cter kar kaw pown, msti xder pape an
: '/
tadi, time kol 11 mlm kaw ajak aq turun
: )
(speaking) happy know that!!
: D
talk and talk,..
dush.. u throw me a bottle, the bottle hit my fon u know???
: (
how about my fon will rosak??
i`m worried u know?!
i buy this fon using my money..
when i buy using my money, i love that thins very much!!
u say "lantakla" when i say that "kene my fon"
sedih u know., but i just tahan the sad and my mad at you.
i say something until when fatin asked u to nyte at her room,..
u tolak, u want to sleep at your room.
i know that u makan hati with my word tadi right??
maybe i terlepas say somthing kat u kot until u tacink with me again.
when u tacink with me that time., me fatin know that but how about my feeling??
you always said about your" bf ", " nanti aq nak g dating" like that la,, why e??
what i think i do not taruk hopes at you becouse you have your own bf right.
: )
i do not no with hu i want to share my story.
: /

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