Thursday, September 22, 2011


the story was i cut to become short :)
last ninght i ask her " how i want to trust my friend that u are not my gf e?"
and u reply " not call me, not mecej me, delete your number and delete your pic."
that evening i take your foto(blutut) and that ninght u asked me to delete your foto???
do you know what was i`m feeling that second??!!
i do not how to tell the world mcm ne perasaan tu..
jus only me know what i`m was feeling that second!!

this night, atin tell me that u do not want to reply my mcj anymore???
what was my fault?
i`snt i`m a bad friend????
 u tell me that you hopes u want our friendships forever right??
how about now???
i hopes we still frens anymore even you will not calling or mcj mi anymore.

afew hour later, daus say that he did not frieds me anymore with arif=.=?
both of them pangkah me sangat sangat lak!!
where is my friend???

i miss my village so much!!!
i want balik kg la!!!
if i have a motorcyle, every week i will back to my home!!

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