Wednesday, August 17, 2011

tajuk: tiada tajuk.

 i have one simple story lorhHH..
about a girl,..
can ?
can ?

up there!!!
this fon belongs to my girl friend.
not a girlfriend! but girl friend laa,.
she is my only  "her" in this campus for this time,..
last week, she take my picture,.. she says she can give her pictuer after i blutut her picture.
but, when we finished blutut, she says what picture??? she show me her pic,..but i want to take a foto using my fon.
unfortunally,she mad at me becuase i take her pic,..and then she was blah terus cmtu jer,..
and from that moment i will not take her foto using my fon ;x ..
this pic of fon i take last ningt 17.8.2010.
maybe at 820 o`clock
she says her stomach was sakit, how can i help her?
i ask her to eat rice, because i  know that she always open his bukak pose with a bread !! hoh0hoh0h..
i feel simpati to her.i just can make her smile is good for her to forget about his stomach lorhhHh...

what can i say is,
he gave me a lot of biscuits !!

wow!! thanks a lot to her becouse give me this :D
i can save my money now.
my money is x ramai dah,..
so this biscuits is my sahur ,.
not as my makanan berbuka taw!!
by the way,.. she is a nice girl and short girl..huhohhoh..
even she is not get a lot of calcium, she don`t want anybody call her "kecik"
she dosen`t ike it!! she says laa..not me ok..??!
she says that "aku dah besar laaaa!!"

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