Tuesday, August 30, 2011


like this la when we ber baraan one village,..
we strart at 10 o`clock.
and the baraan finished at 2.30 phm !!
i`m so tired  know that!!
even datang makan je pown..
i feel tertidur td kat house jiran..
that time was at 2 and more... o`clock.
in 3o and more house , 
 i just get rm 12$!!
hahahaha,.. i tink that i just get 2 3 $$
lastly...i get more.. than ok lh,..

house depan my house..

this my house!!

my house.
in the baraan,
 2 ekor cows was terlepas,
we do not know were it came from..
mty frieds takot takot kat lembu tu include me :)
best la. when scared te cows.
i have record a video but cannot upload la..
see at my facebbok la ok.

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